Delahey Children’s Centre

Delahey Children’s Centre

Delahey Children’s Centre is managed by the Brimbank Preschool Association (BPA).

We are located within Delahey Community Centre on Copperfield Drive in Delahey.
We are an accredited centre under the ‘National Childcare Accreditation Council'.

Centre Philosophy:

Delahey Children’s Centre provides quality care for children with working, non-working and studying parents in a welcoming, stimulating and safe environment.

We strive to achieve a well-balanced, non-bias, atmosphere, where our programs enhance and assist all educational, developmental, emotional and african witch doctor headache social skills a child requires in the early years of life.

Aims and Goals of the Centre:

Goals for the Children:

  • Have a sound self-concept and a positive self-esteem;
  • Express themselves with creativity and freedom;
  • Acquire appropriate skills in the areas of receptive and expressive language, fine and gross motor, and cognition, aesthetic (creative);
  • Develop relationships that are mutually satisfying and to acquire appropriate social skills;
  • Be actively and Histoplasmosis purposefully involved in their learning environment;
  • Develop independence skills and to take responsibility for their own actions;
  • Be happy and to enjoy a sense of achievement.

Aims of the Staff:

  • Be committed to the children at all times;
  • Provide quality care for all children and families attending the Centre;
  • Provide a warm, comfortable, safe and nurturing environment expressed through the attitude of staff;
  • Provide age-related and stage-related learning experiences, appropriate to the interests and developmental levels of the individual children;
  • Respect each staff member’s values and lupo italiano org beliefs and foster effective communication between staff in providing support, and addressing issues of concerns;
  • Be approachable to parents and be available for discussions relating to their child’s care;
  • Be professional with other staff, parents and members of the community. This professionalism extends to respecting other people’s rights to confidentiality and when referring parents to other services;
  • Treat all children equals.


Contact Us:
Delahey Children's Centre
Delahey Community Centre
80 Copperfield Drive
Delahey VIC 3037
Phone: 9307 0488
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.